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#The way it is

#The way it is

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Been trying to figure out what conversation or what discussion would generate traffic the best and despite the fact that I’m into investing/reinvesting even though I really haven’t invested that much: as things stand 200 shares is the most shares I’ve bought of any of the stocks that I currently own

Yes, it is my intentions to invest more when I get more money but since from one month to the next I’m on minus thanks to the fact that while you try and save up for the first of the month, the prices at the grocery stores are ever increasing at an alarming rate and so frequently

So here’s where I get alittle desperate: I’m in need of what used to be called unique, I’ve been lead to believe its no longer called unique but…what’s it called now?

When you live in a country where practically everything is imported, things are going to be expensive, and though the oil prices are low, the price of gas is low but it’ll take some time before the oil prices start going down for our homes

The thing that is a bit surprising though, while the price of oil has now fallen BELOW $30 a barrel…who knew?

But here’s the kicker: while the price of oil keeps falling¬†talking about cars, if you stand and look at traffic never mind where you are, how many cars have more than one person (the driver)?

While we’re still driving basically one person per car, that really keeps the price of gas relatively stable while the price of oil keeps dropping, my guess is it will keep on dropping

While it may go as far down as $15 a barrel but unless the data is wrong it might go down farther than that: there’s simply more oil than there is a demand for it

Who knew; it seems that oil leveled out at about $30 a barrel and currently at $40 a barrel that should make things that much easier to figure how things will develop from there but don’t break out the champagne just yet, might take as much as a year before we can start to see some signs

Though I may go on a bit with investing, it’s only because back in 2009 when I first started, I had literally no idea what investments I should make or anything but at the same time, I had armed myself with as much information as I could before I started

However with the financial crisis in mind, decided to stir clear of oil, at least for now

Still haven’t seen a decrease in my oil bill but hoping it’s just a question of time