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One of the customers on a website in Cuba had asked that I recommend them to a the local travel bureau here

So I went over to the travel bureau and talked to them about this; first of all, there’s apparently not many people from this neighborhood that travels to Cuba, most of the people here travel to Spain and other places on this side of the Atlantic Ocean

It’s a bit funny how that works out: whether you’re on one side or the other, you basically keep to one side of the Atlantic Ocean as opposed to crossing the ocean for a vacation but that’s not to say it’s unheard of, people travel back and forth all the time

Reckon it’s a question of money, if you’ve got it then you’ll travel the world so to speak but in general people usually travel based on which side of the Atlantic Ocean their on

It’s just one of those things, you travel based on where you can afford to go, crossing the Atlantic…that’s usually involves months if not years of planning generally

A few years ago there was a group of guys that I knew that travelled over to Georgia, Tennessee and then some to see the United States

No idea when they took it upon themselves to travel to the U.S. but like I’ve said, they said that this was one of those “once in a lifetime experiences” and since then, one of the people who were in that group has since passed away but to be fair, their average age was in their 60’s

So, not a trip that people do in general

You planning a trip, generally speaking that trip will probably not include crossing an ocean

If you’re planning a vacation/holiday or maybe you’ve already been on a trip but the question is, did you cross an ocean?

Not to worry whether you did or not, just wondering