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#Think I’ve got it

#Think I’ve got it


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Yes I’ve been working almost flat out to get things to work the way I would like them to work, it’s another story to get things to “look” the way I’d like them to look

Unfortunately when I publish anything I write, you preview the post and though there’s two pics where there should only be one, until I can figure out how to resolve the matter, bear with me

However one thing at a time regardless how much I would like things to get things done here and now

Having said that, I am working to that end to get things to both work like I would like them to work and at the same time get them to look the way I’d like them to look

But the look will have to wait just a while since to be honest, haven’t really made up my mind how I’d like to look

If you have an idea of how should look, post a comment or let me know in some other way since I’m in most if not all places online

Would really like to hear from you whether it be about the way should look, write a review on one or more of the packages available or just to say “hi”