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#Still getting used to things

#Still getting used to things

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There’s so much I’m still getting used to like for instance inserting a link: I’m fairly certain the link worked but there’s this nagging feeling that it may not have…

At any rate, the point I was trying to make in my previous post was that while people have been complaining about the “not provided” when it comes to gaining access to the keywords

And according to sources, a spokesman for google has said that “everything is the same for seo” but there’s a lot of people who don’t feel very pleased by google’s latest

Otherwise its as if telling people “you’ve got to find another way” but since people have been complaining so much, let’s see what google does next…should be interesting

But all the same, if you’re just starting your online business or you’ve been at it a while, this is no reason to worry, regardless how things turn out, it really doesn’t change much except google is shuffling the deck a little but that doesn’t mean its time to throw in the towel

At some point, we’ll know for sure how and why of what google does and then we’ll pretty much know how we stand