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#Keeping it real

#Keeping it real


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Not alot of things are free today but there’s a few now and again and answering any questions you might have about investing or reinvesting would most certainly be free

Rest assured, this is as real as it gets, I will not be charging you anything for answering questions about investing/reinvesting in the stock market

But alright, when it comes to either investing/reinvesting or having an online business you might as well be trying to sell sand in the middle east for all the interest people show when you talk about it

When I first started investing, didn’t know a thing about it and try and google it: the only thing I’ve gotten on say investing was what stock or bond or anything else was the thing to invest in here and now

All I can say for my part anyway is that they can say all they want about this or that investment but what kind of dividend (the money you get when you invest) would I get if I invested in this one or that?

When it comes to how much you get for investing; that’s where you have to do a bit of digging or research but thankfully most investments have their own website and that goes for pretty much everything you’re interested in investing

In the end, decided to throw caution to the wind and just start investing since I had gotten most of the information I was looking for so the only thing left was to invest

Turns out, to date I’ve only sold but one stocks that I had invested in; you give it some time before you decide whether or not its worth keeping or not

To put it blank: I’m a long term investor as opposed to those who buy when the price is low then sell when they think the price won’t go up much higher