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America IS great regardless what you’ve been lead to believe tho you might be one of those racist bigots that did NOT like having a black president hence “get anyone else in there!” sentiment was going around the US….well now he’s been replaced by one who was “elected” on the basis that he’s NOT a politician…allegedly a “businessman” but the jury is still “out” where that’s concerned since Mr Trump seems to have had “criminal” contacts in organised crime, how many times has Mr Trump filed for bankruptcy reckon the count has gone up a bit since last: it seems Mr Trump is into hiring illegal alliens as buidling crews not only so he doesn’t have to pay minimum wage but then, when the building is complete…wait for it…he declares himself BANKRUPT so he won’t have to pay a dime to those people who have put in their honest, blood and sweat are left with nothing but frustrations since Mr Trump knows the tax codes so well…it’s made him the “man” he is today…ecotistical maniac!

With all else that this president has promised, repealing Obama Care has to be one of the top items he’s looking to “push” thru…but how much thought do you think has actually gone into the “replacement” plan…the answer may surprise you…it’s all down to a tax write off for the very rich i.e. those billionaire friends of Mr Trump

Where you may have thought your medicaide was “safe” guess gain as the way things are “stacked” it’s GONE

But that’s just the tip of the “iceberg” where “trump/ryancare” is concerned since just SO many will be WITHOUT health care…why you may be asking; simply since the premiums will be far too expensive, just how expensive…that would depend on how old you are, it seems older people (believe it’s 20 to 35 years) will find it that much more expensive (but you can google these stats and see if the stats are correct) the bottom line is you will lose your health care coverage…no other way to say it

Even the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) a bipartisan (both gop AND democrats) have all but shouted it from the rooftops “trump/ryancare is BAD leaving millions without healthcare!” so while the gop keep up the rethoric on “trump/ryancare” will decimate

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If you would like to sign a petition in order to keep your health insurance coverage:

We have learned that despite everything in history that Mr Trump’s idea of “leading” the world’s greatest country is basically “misleading” since not one of the things he has said from day 1 was ever in the same galaxy as the truth


And since he’s trying to “repeal” the ACA or Obamacare, the first time Mr Trump tried he couldn’t get enough votes for the bill despite the efforts and THEN after all the efforts, he contacted the Speaker of the House Ryan and the message was clear “PULL THE BILL” before it had even gone up for a vote; since then politicians on both sides “it went down in flames” or that’s how some have chosen to describe it anyway

But apparently with everything else Mr Trump is looking to “get done” since of course the 100 days has come and gone with little to anything actually being accomplished however there seems to be a new “repeal” in the works:

The gop seem to trying to do the “repeal” again; this time trying to get the Freedom Caucus one of the factions in the gop ranks were among those gop that “derailed” Mr Trump’s efforts to get the repeal passed on the previous occasion so this time around it seems they’re “game” on this repeal it seems…time will tell

Sidenote: if we stop to think about Obamacare for a second, it’s the first time EVER a health care bill was signed into law…let that seep in for a moment…yes ACA or Obamacare is a landmark law since it was the first time a healthcare bill that is ever so complicated got passed, and it wasn’t in a backroom or any such thing but a bypartisan agreement

The muslim ban that Mr Trump and his “administration” have been attempting thru executive orders has been blocked again and again which of course might find surprising since after all, wasn’t that one of his so called campaign promises…of course, along with his “fantasy” wall on the southern border…you might wonder why that has proven just SO difficult?

One answer is the various judges throughout the US has had their legal eyes on these “executive orders” especially where these “muslim bans” are concerned; each time he signs an executive order to that effect, there are judges across the US taking a look to see if they’re in “conflict” with what is considered LEGAL!!

According to Mr. Trump “this is NOT about a religion but keeping America safe” by banning Muslims….no matter how you spin it, it’ll be seen as a religious issue regardless what might be said to “defend” this executive order

Will we get yet another “draft” of this “muslim ban” executive order….if so, will IT pass muster or will this administration keep re – drafting until at some stage it WILL pass muster….it might take a couple of dozen drafts…maybe sometime in either 2018 possibly 2019….or will it go to 2020 maybe beyond?!?

Because since Mr Trump is a “businessman” though there are those who will dispute that but never the less he’s most certainly NOT a politician so basically he’s got no clue what so ever on how to run a government…trying to get tax payer money to increase the military budget…but on top of that he was “reminded” of his promise to “build a wall on the boarder with Mexico” and never mind the funding, we’ll just scrap this and that program” but no matter how you do it, you’re still going to come up short since that wall will simply cost too much

As for the question of Mr Trump’s tax returns:

And for those of you who would like to join in with the rest to

or those who seem to think everyone has “forgotten” about this issue….NO WE HAVE MOST CERTAINLY NOT FORGOTTEN!!

And while we’re at it; one story which seems to be getting bigger and bigger: Michel Flynn

We’ve been hearing about this individual for quite some time, either when he was first in the Trump campaign way back when at Republican Convention…then we were informed he had gotten appointed as National Security Adviser to the President; red flags suddenly popped up with both different news AND sources online informed us Flynn was a “foreign agent” working in this administration


Now with Mr Trump on his first trip overseas, it seems he really is looking to “make his mark” instead, he’s made himself a running joke: he’s been to some countries where he first went to Saudi Arabia, then to Isreal where he said among other things “was recently in the middle east” though he was still in THE MIDDLE EAST!

How will his administration “spin” this his first overseas trip since “winning” the elections?

From shoving the Prime Minister from Montenegro and this was supposed to be a gathering of NATO members out of his way since as both a businessman AND president though there’s been little that has been “presidential” about this, his first overseas trip…apparently Mr Trump NOT being a politician and to add to the issues, not a shadow of diplomacy….this is NOT a business trip like so many Mr Trump might have previously attended but now he allegedly represents the US presidency and yet….????