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#As far as all else

#As far as all else

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Though I keep getting all these notifications informing me that there are “new user registrations” the whole nine yards, after reading up on this, have come to the conclusion…spam nothing more, nothing less

It’s somewhat disappointing but if your online email; hotmail, gmail or whatever other online email you use, at some point your inbox will be saturated: not saying you won’t get genuine people registering to your blog but if you don’t see it your dashboard stats, the chances are pretty slim

When you publish a post, as things are at the moment, I get at least 3 people having a look at what I’ve said and that is reassuring to know that at least 3 people are into what I’m posting and I appreciate it very much thank you

When I first started publishing I thought there was so much interest when I posted, have since learned that there’s a world a difference between the genuine and spam

Have downloaded a number of plugins to help out with spam but since there’s a bit of a mountain of plugins, it’s become a virtual “needle in a haystack” but maybe you could help me out here?

Any suggestions would be welcome

A anti spam plugin that takes care of spam without exception, my issue is the fact that everytime I download such a plugin, I find that they conflict with and that’s hardly the idea